The Userwave Social Influencer Network was designed from the ground up to reach your target audience at scale on our exclusive network of popular Facebook Celebrity & Interest pages.

Built for content advertisers, we work directly with the Facebook page owners to curate and promote your content in the most native implementation available at scale.

This is a great way to increase your audience with real visitors that generate high performance in terms of video views and page views at lower costs.

The results are highly engaged readers and repeat visitors. 



We believe that exceptional individuals have the power to help, entertain and even enrich the lives of their communities. Our platform empowers influencers like you by giving you access hundreds of new, interesting and relevant articles to share with your fans while providing an easy a consistent revenue stream. With one simple copy and paste to your Facebook page, you will get paid on any clicks from your network including shares. A single post has proven to earn hundreds of dollars and there is no limit as to how many articles you can share per day.

What this is:

We make it easy for you to to discover and share interesting posts that your fans will like while earning with each click.

What this is not:

Selling/product promotion or someone telling you what to post.


We're a group of marketers and data geeks bent on connecting people with right content.
Having 30+ years of combined experience working within ad networks and content marketing has given us a unique perspective on how to deliver large scale audiences that content publishers love.

Above it all, we love what we do and always welcome the opportunity to help bring readers and publishers together.

Simon Chernin

Simon Chernin

Alina Kope

Alina Kope

Nicholas Brando

Nicholas Brando



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